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CTV Capital is a Private Equity Firm Centered on Real Estate Investment and Development

CTV Capital LLC (“CTV”) is a privately-owned, institutional-grade, vertically-integrated, single-family residence (“SFR”) and multi-family residence (“MFR”) operating platform focused on acquiring, renovating, leasing, selling and managing quality SFR and MFR investment properties. CTV has pursued a differentiated strategy in the SFR and MFR industries and targets quality assets in Southern and Central Florida. Our senior management team previously established and led some of the largest institutionally-backed SFR and MFR groups deploying $3o million in equity capital. CTV has acquired, renovated, tenanted and managed or sold approximately 300 homes over the course of 5 years. We have invested considerable time and capital into establishing a best-in-class, institutional-quality operating platform including highly-scalable, fully-integrated IT systems and experienced acquisition, rehab, leasing and management teams consisting of over 50 employees and  dedicated construction professionals. For one specific client. CTV is privately owned and controlled.

Corporate Governance

The management of CTV Capital LLC has long recognized the importance of corporate governance practices that ensure an environment of effective oversight and strong accountability. As one of our key business principles states: “Our priorities are capital preservation, transparency, and integrity.”

Investment Strategies

Buy and Hold: Identify assets that offer the greatest capital appreciation and rental income, CTV Capital LLC’s affiliate company CTV Property Management, fully manages all long-term hold assets. For individual buyers looking to buy at below market prices, we offer a select number of properties to the buying public.

Wholesale Services: Is your goal is to flip or buy and hold one property at a time while you personally manage the process? We are able to serve as a purchasing arm on your behalf. For a reasonable fee we can inform you of opportunities that match your needs and obtain properties for you at below-market prices.

Our Advantage: CTV’s access to investment opportunities is a result of our sophisticated infrastructure which enables us to acquire assets at auction or short sales through our proprietary software and acquisition team. Our platform is unique in that we are market leaders and we are able to cast a very broad net. This acquisition volume allows for more efficient staffing and better market analytics. Our competitive advantage comes from years of refining our processes, investing in our people, and improving our technology. Our expertise allows us to offer a constant flow of opportunities that offer income, appreciation, and built-in equity in Florida and throughout the United States.

Due Diligence: We are well positioned to take advantage of the high volume of available properties. Furthermore, we have developed tracking software (patents pending) that allow us to monitor thousands of assets and select those with the most potential for short- and long-term profits. We employ a disciplined and thorough due diligence process, placing significant emphasis on physical analysis and local market conditions.

Financial Oversight: CTV’s hands-on asset management approach is supported by stringent financial controls and close supervision of construction budget expenses resulting in accurate and transparent financial reporting.